Calligraphy is a form of visual art and is often referred to as an art of stylish handwriting. A modern definition of calligraphy is "the art of expressing thoughts with beauty, harmony, and peace". The significance of calligraphy is that it enhances creativity in one’s handwriting, improves concentration, develops artistic skills, and increases patience.

Exclusive Features of The Program:

Program Duration is of only 15 days

The class duration is of only 1 hour

Individualized Training

Exclusive Course Material

We offer basic training in 8 historical fonts to ignite your creative instincts.
It is a systematically designed program good enough to ignite your creative instincts. Over a period, you can develop your fonts with ease.
Calligraphy is the simplest means of enhancing creative abilities. It is used by students in academic projects, and professionals use it for designing wedding cards. It can also use in print media, electronic media, movies and designer nameplates, etc. It can be chosen as a profession in the field of Advertising and Designing. The beverage industry uses calligraphy fonts on its labels.
Yes, it has an impact on your personal life as it develops many aspects of human behavior. It makes you expressive, presentable, creative, conscious, and self-controlled.