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Frequently Asked Questions

In the Mastermind Write Right Franchise FAQs section, you will find the answer of all possible questions asked by prospective buyers. If you don't see an answer you are looking for, please fill the Franchisee Inquiry Form. Our team shall contact you to solve your queries.

Yes, although you are new in the education business, but it is highly profitable. This is an ever-growing business with enormous possibilities, and the returns are in multiples of the investment. Diversification is always beneficial. Apart from this, it would also provide you with opportunities for added growth & satisfaction of community services.

Yes, the program of Handwriting is a short term course of only 7 days & requires just 1 hour a day, but the advantage is that it can be easily managed by any student without disturbing their normal educational routines, hence it is not restricted only to vacations, and the flow of students may be more during the vacations.

You are right that the school also provides handwriting training, but our program is different. It is customized as per the individual needs and assures 100% results with specialized training by experts, which is not possible in a classroom of 40 students of any school. We don’t just ask the students to “do it”, instead teach them “how to do it”.

If you have a passion for teaching children and willing to put in the hard work to make it successful, and also financially able to start your education center then you can start the Write Right Franchisee Centre. Our support team will help you to achieve your objectives.

There is no age limit. Any student, individual, or corporate professional can take the course. We ensure Handwriting Improvement to anyone above 6 years of age.

The Franchise of ‘Write Right’ is given to the person having the passion to excel in children's education, has a go-getter attitude, and is willing to do the business for the long-term. The most eligible is a person with excellent entrepreneurial skills and is willing to adapt the technology and system best suited for the business.

Yes, our marketing team will indirectly help you in getting students. We shall provide training to your Center Manager/Marketing Executive for marketing activities like Handwriting Workshop/Handwriting Competition/Calligraphy Workshop and many more. Your employee will have to conduct these activities locally to get the students.

The initial investment may vary as per the area/country chosen for setting up a franchisee centre. Please fill the below inquiry form, our team will get back to you soon with all the required details specific to your area.
Franchisee Inquiry.

The Franchise is for the tenure of 5 years initially after which it can be renewed. We provide 9 Programs under the umbrella of Write Right. Write Right is a premium brand with the largest chain of franchise network globally. Price is absolutely correct.

No, it is fixed and payment has to be made one time only.

The franchisee is given for 5 years initially, after which it can be renewed.

The process starts with filling up a Franchisee Inquiry Form on our website, followed by a telephonic conversation with the company's recruiter. If the recruiter is satisfied with your profile and finds it suitable for Write Right Franchisee Business, you will have to proceed further for registration and payment. An agreement will be signed, and the training support and services started from our end.

A Master Franchisee is a franchising contract with sub franchising rights in specified territory between company and a person. The Master Franchisee will be responsible for recruiting, training and providing support and services to the unit franchisees of their territory.

A Country Franchisee is a franchising contract with sub franchising rights in specified country/territory between company and a person.

One of the best benefits of being a Country Franchisee is that they became the face of the brand in Country. The Country Franchisee will be authorized to promote the brand in their Country. They are also responsible for recruiting, training and providing support and services to the sub-franchisees of their territory. The Country Franchisee will receive a significant percentage on appointed Sub-Franchisee & Unit’s Franchisee Fee, all ordered material and on students royalty.

Our support & services begins from setting up your centre and remains through the entire term of the contract . After setting up your centre, our Training & Post Franchisee Operation department will assist you to start and grow your business.
The exclusive Support & Services provided by us are:

a. Franchisee Kit: We will provide this to enable you to initially set up your franchisee centre.

b. Training: Training is a crucial element in the success of any business and quality of training is an important factor too. We at Write Right understand this. We provide one to one training through our certified trainers to ensure correct end result delivery. Apart from Product Training/Academic Training, we also provide Marketing & Counseling Training and ERP Training with ongoing Refresher Training.

c. Training Kit: to facilitate and conduct a smooth training process.

d. ERP Franchise Panel: We will provide you an exclusive Franchisee ERP Panel, which enables you to manage your entire business process from maintaining center, trainer, and student records, to placing orders and updating stocks. Basically, it is a tool that helps in maintaining a smooth liaison between you and the company for all your required services.

We can give you 1 program, but you have to pay the full franchisee fee and you will be charged for the training fee of 1 program only. Moreover, in this case, we will have the liberty to give a second franchise in your area.

Yes, you certainly can start it from your home, but you should have the infrastructure with a proper classroom and a separate counseling area for students.

The Company’s Trained and Certified Trainers will be providing you the training for all the programs.

It is a 3 days training for each program.

Training at Head Office is always free for Write Right Franchisee Partners.

Yes, we offer Franchises for Master Mind Vedic Math, Master Mind Abacus, Master Mind Premium Play School and Talk Right-The Language Lab too.