Dysgraphia: What Should You Do As A Parent?


Dysgraphia is a condition rather a neurological disorder that affects a child’s handwriting, thus making it illegible. Many of the parents are either unaware about the disability or are not equipped with appropriate knowledge as to how they should deal with it so as to help their children.


This post (not being technical to suggest remedies for getting over the problem) will help the parents in dealing with the children suffering from Dysgraphia. Here is what they got to do as parents:

·         Be Patient

As a parent you must know that your child will have a poor handwriting, he/she will make spelling mistakes, would not write the letters and words in an appropriate manner. Therefore, you should never panic and always be patient and supportive for the child. Punishing will not help. But will only make a child more rebellious.


·         Make small differences

Keep noticing the grip of your child, his/her posture etc. Work on these aspects slowly and steadily by giving them continuous guidance and instructions. Spare your time for the child and don’t neglect any symptoms or causes (refer to our earlier blog).


·         Change the teaching/learning methods

Normal or regular methods would do no good for the dysgraphic children. Instead make use of pictures and diagrams, videos, charts, calligraphy and bigger fonts to make their learning convenient. Exercising for improving focus and concentration of the child is essential. Emphasize on reading, it can be a great help.


·         Seek an Expert

You cannot ignore you child’s problem. Consult an expert as soon as you are able to diagnose any trouble in your child. They are the best source to help control or overcome the learning disabilities.


Your child has a problem which can be cured but is subjected to corrective measures.


Keep following to get more handwriting tips and solutions from experts. Our advices help in handwriting improvement by rising above the causal problems.

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