Illegible Handwriting... Is The Reason Dysgraphia?


Dysgraphia is a Learning Disability which occurs due to a neurological disorder that affects the writing expression of an individual. Dysgraphia can not only be limited to illegible handwriting but it also relates with difficulties in learning the language and processing the information collected by the ears and eyes.


Dysgraphia can be diagnosed as early as a child pursues elementary education or as late as it proceeds to the middle school.


BUT, how to know if it is Dysgraphia?


There are some common symptoms in the children who suffer from Dysgraphia. They may be listed as under:

·         The most obvious symptom is Illegible handwriting

·         Reluctance in writing through activities like intentionally dropping the pencil, breaking the nib, hiding writing sheets etc.

·         Problem in gripping the writing object i.e. pen or pencil

·         Inappropriate spacing between letters and words

·         Using more than only style simultaneously i.e. either print, italic or cursive

·         Using upper and lower cases at the same time

·         Unsuitable use of grammar

·         Omitting letters while writing

·         Difficulty in thinking and accumulating information

·         Interpreting wrong meanings of words and sentences


If all these symptoms are observed in one’s handwriting, immediate action should be taken to seek help from an expert.


We shall discuss the symptoms and remedies in our upcoming blogs. Keep reading and commenting!


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