Analyzing Handwriting- What Is Your Kid Missing Out?


We are living in an age of competition. All parents are worried about how their kids are going to compete with the geniuses all over the world. There are many factors other than the regular studies in school that can affect a child’s personality and his/her readiness to face this competitive world.


There is a famous English quote by George Santayana that says, “A child educated only at school is an uneducated child”. This best suits in today’s scenario. A proper development of a child is possible when he learns from all his surroundings.


A child’s handwriting (if illegible) is a factor that can resist the learning process and thereby make him/her reluctant to face the future competitions in life.


What adverse effect can a child have due to his/her illegible handwriting?


Under mentioned are a few to be discussed-


1.       Loss of concentration

Handwriting analysts’ state that, when the child writes in an examination and if he/she does not get good marks due to his/her handwriting, then it not only discourages the child but also distracts him/her from the subject. This results in loss of focus and concentration which pushes him/her into negative activities.


2.       Lack of self-confidence

The performance in class defines how confident a kid is to answer the questions and take up challenges. But, most of the students are not able to perform even if they know the subject. Poor handwriting is the cause behind this. Ultimately, the child is less confident and may become ignorant and negligent towards taking challenges.


3.       Less communicative and introvert

In this era, a person has to be interactive enough to speak what’s on mind and be able to communicate with the world. Experts say, those who have poor writing skills also have a poor vocabulary and understanding of the language itself. Thus, written communications is important for expressing the thoughts and communicate efficiently especially in corporate. Hence, focus on handwriting improvement should be the focus since childhood.


There are several critical impacts on the child other than the major ones mentioned above. Therefore, it is an alarming need for parents to bring their child on the right path from the beginning by focusing on their handwriting. We are aware that this is a computer age and manual working has been minimized, but we should not forget that a person learns to identify letters only when he learns to write them.


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