Handwriting Develops The Mind And Motor Coordination


What is Mind and Motor coordination?


When the mind instructs the body to perform actions which are a result of kinesthesia and kinetic forces, the process is known as mind and motor coordination. These instructions from the mind and the movements of body parts should be coordinated, smooth and effective to perform the resultant action i.e. in our case handwriting.


The whole process consists of the following steps:

·         The ability to think about what has to be written

·         These thoughts should then be converted into words and sentences which make sense

·         Simultaneously the mind instructs the motor i.e. hand to write the framed sentences on the writing object with a writing instrument

·         Conscious efforts are made to write considering the fixed parameters and limited liberties for a legible outcome


What happens if one does not have a proper Mind and Motor Coordination?


If a child or an individual lacks or has an underdeveloped Mind and Motor Coordination, then there are some obvious negative impacts on his/her handwriting. Listed under are a few to be highlighted:

·         It results into an illegible handwriting that affects the size, shape, joining and spacing between the letters

·         It creates spelling mistakes which ultimately influences the learning of vocabulary and the language itself

·         It distorts the individual identity of the letters which habitats wrong writing habits in individuals

·         It becomes a major distracting factor which interrupts the thought process


What if one has a good Mind and Motor Coordination?


Good Mind and Motor Coordination results into uninterrupted handwriting which delivers the following positive upshots:

·         It increases the legibility and readability of one’s handwriting

·         It enhances the writing speed as the thoughts are effectively converted into words

·         It reflects qualitative and quantitative content which has been written down by a person

·         It keeps an individual among the top bracket in schools, colleges or work place.

·         It develops an ability to express oneself effectively


Handwriting is therefore called “Brain Writing”. Several researches by medical experts through MRI Scans have confirmed that when we write with hand, it activates the nerve cells i.e. neurons. The cerebellum is hugely responsible for this function and any damage to it can cause ineffective coordination. The involvement of brain and the movements of hands while practicing handwriting help in better development of mind and motor coordination. Good handwriting skills form the foundation of learning.


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