Developing Mind Power Through Calligraphy


Calligraphy is an art of beautiful handwriting which has withstood since ancient times. This art can be performed with the help of various tools like the calligraphic pens, brushes, wooden blocks etc. which enables the artists (or calligraphist) to make innovative and imaginative designs.


Calligraphy has been observed to develop mind power of those who practice it. Let us know how?


·         It acts like a catalytic agent that activates the creative instincts of a person which indirectly involves the participation of neo-cortex of brain, thus making it more efficient.

·         It improves the imaging power that helps in developing photographic memory. It is again an activity of brain that ultimately improves mind power.

·         It improves control on precise finger movements thereby making handwriting better.

·         Enhanced concentration levels are attained as it involves conscious involvement of the brain.

·         It helps in increasing the ability to focus on things, whether studies, mind games or extracurricular.

·         In case of kids with Dysgraphia, calligraphy can be taken up as a specific training program to help them build better mind motor coordination.


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