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Write Right has served its students by providing innovative learning methods and services ever since 1996. It has advanced the standards by catering handwriting techniques across the globe and benefitting a large group of people. It is an institute of handwriting technology that not only improves one’s handwriting, but also adds more value to it.


Let’s throw light on some of the offerings by the company that enhances a person’s handwriting-


1.       Speed Writing

This particular course focuses on how to increase handwriting speed without destroying the legibility of the words and sentences. The course ensures to increase writing speed in 15 days or 15 hours to be more precise (classes for 1 hour a day), by working on the coordination of music and speed. The learner listens to the music beats, with an increasing pace every day, and then writes the sentences accordingly. The method is 100% accurate and effective and one would notice tremendous increase in their speed by the end of 15th day.


2.       Calligraphy

This course is available both in basic and advanced versions where one can learn calligraphy easily under professional guidance. This course beautifies one’s handwriting giving it an extra worth in front of the reader. Several styles of writing are taught to the students apart from supplying him/her with exclusive course materials.


3.       Graphology

Write right’s Graphology program is designed for all individuals, corporate and school kids that help them analyze handwriting of their own and take necessary steps to convert their weaknesses into strengths. This predicts the nature, behavior and overall personality traits of people and so, take measures for making corrective decisions.


Anyone can take these courses through the company or its franchise near them and make themselves better in performing at schools, job or business. Write right proudly announces success of more than 400,000 students associated with it and the number is continuously increasing even while you are reading this blog.

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