Dealing With Illegible Handwriting And Poor Report Cards


Does your child’s illegible handwriting make him/her struggle for scoring higher grades in all the subjects? If yes, below mentioned are some tips you should follow and help your child overcome this solemn problem.


Here’s what you got to do when your child get depressed to see poor grades in his/her report card!


1.      Set a goal and communicate

It is very important that you set academic goals for your children. You must ask your children to adopt all techniques and put efforts to reach those desired goals in studies. Unless they are given a goal to be achieved, they might not reach it. But, this indeed does not mean that they are to be forced beyond limits. Instead these goals should be well communicated and conveyed to them, along with providing them necessary guidance to them to make it achievable and feasible.


2.      Discuss the problems in your child’s handwriting with the teacher

Being a parent it is highly important for you to get updated about your child’s performance in class and the reasons (either positive or negative) that affects it. Handwriting has a major impact on the scores of the child. Therefore, it is very important to identify the possible problems in the child’s handwriting by discussing it with the teacher in detail. Getting aware about how improved handwriting skills can do wonders in your child’s report card, confidence and personality.


3.      Get help or corrective advices from experts

By now, you know about the various flaws and errors in your child’s handwriting. Being a concerned parent you should take immediate actions to help your child improve on the quality of handwriting. Do not wait for the child to grow up and improve handwriting automatically because the time will never come. Despite yours and school’s labor for years to emphasize on handwriting, the outcome has not yielded any positive effects on its quality. It is high time you contact a handwriting expert who would suggest corrective measures, with a focus on how to write effectively.


4.      Appreciate the success

If the child implements the advices by experts into regular practice, you will definitely observe perfection in his/her handwriting. You will voluntarily experience improved grades and high scores. But, do not forget to appreciate your child for his efforts to reach this goal. It is not only your concern, but also the child’s willingness that would make him/her touch the goals you have defined. Praise the child for accomplishments and encourage his/her to gather more into the success box.


Follow these tips and contribute in the process of attaining higher marks in examinations and competitions that your child faces.


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