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Write Right, an institute of Handwriting Technology offers myriad business opportunities to its franchises.


New business opportunity comes with the changing time. Smart entrepreneurs grab the opportunity intelligently at right time and at right place.


In this changing scenario of global competition, parents want to amplify the caliber of their children, and so they are more focused on supplementary education than ever.


We at Write Right have understood this scenario and with our Research and Development, we jumped in this handwriting training market, which was a virgin market, never actually thought of earlier.


We have launched the World’s first and fastest handwriting improvement course, with 100% results. Along with that we have also introduced speed writing, calligraphy and graphology.


The popularity and success of these courses, i.e. a basket of 9 handwriting programs, can well be gauged by 1000+ franchise centers that we have internationally.


Every third school going child has handwriting problems, and so, this gives immense opportunities to grow in terms of business.


Every school/college student or individual needs to catch pace with deadlines in examinations and at work places. This opens up a market for speed writing course that is 3 times than that of the handwriting improvement course.


Also, courses like calligraphy have been in a demand recently both as a hobby and profession. We offer basic and advanced calligraphy courses.


Graphology on the other hand has been invariably adopted by corporate and even individuals to discover hidden and dormant personality traits. Parents of teachers and adolescents have also started taking advices from graphologists to help them manage their kids better.


With a minimal investment, the company has 9 courses to be offered to students in a single franchise fee. To be able to own a franchise of Write Right, the desired candidate should have an infrastructure to accommodate a class of 15-20 students and possess a separate counseling area. The business is sure to flourish by feeding it with dedication, continuous efforts and drudgery.


To ensure the accomplishments, Write Right provides constant support through training, pre and post franchise operations and other obligatory functions. Contact us right away! Don’t miss the chance to own your handwriting franchise of 9 programs including handwriting improvement, speed writing, calligraphy and graphology.


Place an inquiry at and our executives will get back to you to proceed with the further processes.



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