Importance Of Posture While Writing


In order to attain a good handwriting, it becomes important to have a right posture. If you sit back in a right posture which you are practicing handwriting, you are likely to have a better and more legible handwriting. Therefore, let us understand what exactly a right posture while writing is.


A posture is not only while sitting, but also while standing, walking and lying down. A right posture is that which makes you feel at ease, lets your back be straight and relaxes your joints. When you have to right, you have to make sure:


·        -  You are sitting on a table and chair (the base of the table and chair should be flat on the ground)

·         - You have enough space for hand movements required for writing

·         - Your back remains flat on the chair

·        -  Your head is not tilted and remains upright on the shoulders

·         - The non writing hand holds the writing sheet so that it is not mobile

·         - You should not put pressure on your hands and finger tips while writing. It in return puts pressure on the body.


Therefore, the next time you right assure that you are sitting in a right posture. To get more such handwriting solutions, join Write Right. Learn penmanship, speed writing and get tips on handwriting improvement.

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