How To Improve Handwriting For Kids?


It is generally observed that every third school going child has an illegible handwriting. The teachers who teach these kids have witnessed that the students whose grades are good have better handwriting than others. They also say that their handwriting change and matures as they grow; probably due to variable reasons like speed required to cover the complete syllabus or lack of being familiar with subjects at higher levels.


Write Right, a Handwriting expert company has come up with suggesting 3 major ways to improve handwriting-


1.       Maintaining a proper spacing between the letters and words

Irregular spacing between the words is one of the major causes of children having an illegible handwriting. If proper training is given to kids to maintain a proper spacing and consciously practice it in their writing, then it can definitely improve the handwriting.


2.       Working on the size of letters and words

Each letter written in any form i.e. cursive or printed style has 3 zones- upper zone (e.g. ‘d’, ‘h’, ‘l’ etc), middle zone (e.g. ‘a’, ‘c’, ‘e’ etc) and lower zone (e.g. ‘f’, ‘g’, ‘q’ etc). If each letter is written in their zones then it gives a proper size to words and automatically helps in improving handwriting.


3.       Creating the letters and words correctly

Each word, whether written in cursive, print style, or in different languages, has a particular identity and if created properly keeping the exact identity in mind, can help in making handwriting more readable. Many people while writing fast tend to give the letters a distorted shape. Learning speed writing techniques can help minimize the errors.


A unique form of writing called calligraphy helps in creating one single alphabet or art in many different ways. Joining calligraphy classes can guide a child through proper creation of letters and words (or even designs) when written together.


Write right excels in providing 5-star training to improve handwriting by analyzing and working on about 56 types of errors that people make while writing and thereby suggesting ways to correct them.

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