Calligraphy As A Hobby


When we hear the word “calligraphy”, the first thing we recall is something that is written beautifully. Every one of us wishes to have a beautiful handwriting and learn “penmanship”. Calligraphy as an art can be developed as a hobby in children or adults.


Calligraphy is a form of handwriting that is more like a leisure activity for those who have love for art and designs. It is a refreshing activity and relieves people from stress.


Significance of Calligraphy


Calligraphy is more than just a form of art. It is a reflection of the ancient culture which can be seen everywhere. Calligraphy is preserved in the historic documents, epics etc. and is used for creating logos and symbols.


The modern varied applications of Calligraphy expand to cut stone inscriptions, paintings, ceramics, maps, legal documents and other handmade crafts.


Calligraphy can also be seen as a form of body art and tattoos these days. The unique and innovative calligraphy fonts give relief from the common and widely used computer generated fonts today.




The basic requirements to learn and develop calligraphy as a hobby are to have calligraphic pens which are available in all the stationary stores. The ideal person to learn calligraphy is the one who possess characteristics like patience, calmness, creativity and a will to learn.


Who can learn?                                                                                                 


There is no restriction in the age limit for people to learn calligraphy. Anyone of any age who is genuinely interested in art work can easily learn calligraphy. Both children and adults can get the art of “beautiful handwriting” through this form.


Calligraphy: A skill


Calligraphy as a skill is enjoyable and gives an inspiration to reach the level of excellence in handwriting. It is satisfying and provides liberty to create one’s own fonts and styles of writing. This makes the art experimental and flexible for the learner and incorporates creativity in them.  


Where to Join the Calligraphy Course?


You can learn the calligraphy course at Write Right, an institute of handwriting technology. Write Right provides calligraphy course for 15 days to individuals of all ages. The experts of Write Right not only develop artistic skills in individuals through calligraphy program, but also enhance the creativity, concentration and patience.


Learn calligraphy step by step, with a complete guidance on creating each letter in a subtle manner. You will be directed on creating variant strokes to give a personal touch and form realistic and natural art.


Write Right is a team of dedicated professionals with above 16 years of experience in handwriting technology. The experts offer handwriting solutions related to handwriting improvement, speed writing and calligraphy.



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Archna singla

I am a very big fan to learning different different writing.. In different ways and styl's... I would hope this type of my hobby make me perfect in this ????... Once again I would like to say please you must try to learn different handwriting


Nidhi Arora

I wants to learn calligraphy