5 Reasons- Why To Improve Handwriting?


In this modern age, the handwriting has been losing its significance due to increased use of technology products like computers, laptops, tablets and cellular phones etc. None of us might be an exception. It happens, when we realize that it has been a couple of days since we last picked up a pen to “write”.


Nevertheless, we shall discuss 5 reasons why handwriting improvement becomes vital even in this century.


1.      For school going kids, handwriting is developed as a habit. Why do you think small children are first taught how to write? It is because, as they grow and step into the major course of study, they should understand the language thoroughly.


Also, the school assignments still have to be submitted in written. These assignments carry some weight to be contributed in the academic scores. Good handwritten assignments always score higher.


2.      Handwriting carries a personal touch. Handwritten documents create a sense of attachment and belongingness for the reader. Even in this modern world, communication is done through posts, letters, inlands etc.


3.      Handwriting is a typical exercise for a brain as it develops a mind and motor coordination as the person writes with a pen and paper. This activity helps in developing a strong memory and minimizes chances of dementia.


4.      Most of the job profiles demand good writing skills. To be able to fit to the company’s requirements, it becomes imperative to have good handwriting skills. Writing is a means of communication, and is becomes a deciding factor for candidates to get hired.


5.      Above all, handwriting is a best tool for self-expression. Why do people write diaries, make notes or communicate through letters? Probably because this form of communication helps you express yourself better and touch human emotions.


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