Top 10 Interesting Facts About Handwriting


For every school and institute, handwriting remains primarily important. When a child enters its course of study, it is first taught to “write”. At a later stage, i.e. in middle and high school, comes the significance of good handwriting. This determines what the child achieves in its curriculum, extra-curricular activities, competitions and in other various activities of participation.


Handwriting is a skill, an ability to write. This skill is not gifted to everyone and only a one-third of the people have been gifted with the perfect art of penmanship. There is a large group of people, who have been facing problems of illegibility in their handwriting, but there are many who have been flourishing due to their good handwriting.


There are certain facts related to handwriting that we should be aware of. Below mentioned are a few to be discussed:


1.      Every third school going child has a problem of illegible handwriting. Also, those students who rank among the top 10 in a class generally have good handwriting skills.

2.      90% of the work done by students in a class is done with hand. Students write with hand in almost every subject right from an early age, before they actually start typing over the keyboards.

3.      Handwriting is also known as Brain writing. Those who are slow in writing lack a mind and motor coordination thereby affecting his/her ability to spell words correctly, form sentences and distinguish between the cases (upper, middle and lower cases) of letters.

4.      Handwriting reflects one’s personality traits like attitude, emotional stability, creativity, communication etc.

5.      Retaining and remembering information in the form of data, facts, figures, dates etc. becomes possible by writing in hand rather than by typing on the keyboard. [Courtesy: Wall Street Journal]

6.      Write legibly. The average temper of the human race would be perceptibly sweetened, if everybody obeyed this Rule! [Source: Lewis Carroll]

7.      Everyone’s handwriting is different. No two people can write exactly in the same way, just like no two people can have same fingerprints. [Source: Ruthie Chong]

8.      January 23rd is celebrated as the National Handwriting Day each year.

9.      You may not be able to read a doctor"s handwriting and prescription, but you"ll notice his bills are neatly typewritten.- Earl Wilson

10.  An interesting statistical fact about “pencil” is that an average pencil can write about 35 miles or 45,000 words approximately.


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The date of National Handwriting Day, January 23, was chosen because it's the birthday of John Hancock, according the The American Handwriting Foundation, a group of professional handwriting. analysts and serious students. Check their website for analysts in your area.