Graphology: The Science Of Handwriting


Graphology or Handwriting analysis is the study of one’s personality traits from what he/she writes on a piece of paper. It is the knack of reading the subconscious of an individual to know the behavior traits, attitude and even the secrets that is unknown to self.


Handwriting analysis has been gaining popularity in different fields like education, corporate, among unemployed youths, marital relationships etc. It helps in knowing the personality of individuals and helps in understanding him/her beyond what is being presented in reality.


Use of Graphology in selecting a Personnel


Graphology is widely being used for hiring of employees by many companies these days. Though it should not be the only criteria for selecting a candidate, but it definitely helps the corporate professionals in judging the individual on the grounds of honesty, communication, creativity, emotional stability etc.


Advantages of Graphology while hiring a candidate


1.      No probability of discrimination on the basis of age, gender, religion etc.

2.      What is being written cannot be manipulated like it happens while speaking.

3.      Time saving as it reduces efforts in collecting information about the background, personality etc.


Write Right’s team of graphologists, having 16+ years of experience in working on Graphology provide specialized handwriting analysis reports to individuals, corporate, students and others. The reports suggest graphotherapy or advices on handwriting improvement so that one’s handwriting places a positive impact on those who analyzes their handwriting.

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