The relevance of handwriting is being questioned very often
these days, and quite a few of us have started believing that in today’s
hi-tech era handwriting is not important anymore. This is far from being true.
Based on the scientific studies we can identify several reasons to support the
importance of Handwriting.


While a certain segment advocated against the use of the cursive
style of writing, several experts in their study indicated that cursive writing
helps children with dyslexia and improves their memory. Some experts also said
that contents in cursive writing fetch more marks.

Although we have several highly developed and easy to access
devices that make communication fast and convenient, there are several studies
which indicate that handwriting is equally important even today. Let us see
some of the very positive effects Handwriting has.


Contributes to Cognitive Development:


Studies conducted by French Scientists in neurosciences in 2000,
came up with evidence indicating that handwriting despite being a routine
activity in education has a positive role in accelerating cognitive development
in the school-going children. They also suggested that cursive handwriting
should be compulsorily used in schools until the students are comfortable and
have learned to write. Studies by other scholars not only support the role of
handwriting in cognitive development but also confirm that handwriting has a
role in helping to retain information that one writes.


Taking notes is a very common activity a student is expected to
do. When one takes notes on a keyboard the intention is to take down maximum,
if possible all of what is being said. But when one is taking notes by hand,
the brain identifies and isolates the important information that is needed to
be written down. This process ensures that one is not only listening but is
also able to understand the important parts of the lecture and then taking
notes. This process also helps in retaining a lot of what is being written.
While this may not happen when one is taking notes a keyboard. Moreover since
writing in cursive also involves the joining of letters, the brain not only
keeps track of the process but also has to work on correct spellings and
sentence formation. It has been proved in several studies that retention of
information is far better and can be easily recalled later especially when one
is scripting a text by hand. It has also been seen taking notes on a keyboard
is more of a mechanical process where the writer takes down what is being said
without actually trying it to remember it for the future.


Another proof of the retention is the fact that children are
often asked to write down the text several times so that they can remember and
retain it in their memory. This has also been confirmed in studies conducted by


Handwriting is a complex process that involves the brain and not
just a pen and paper. It involves physical and mental activity. The information
or thoughts are processed into words and sentences, instructions are passed on
the motor activity or the hand to make the words and sentences on the paper.
This involvement of the mind and the motor ensures that the text written by
hand is also inscribed in the brain and can be recalled later.


Handwriting Enhances Creative

Scientific studies indicate that the process of handwriting
greatly involves the brain because it is required to conceive thoughts and
compose them into words and sentences, and this process uses certain specific
parts of the brain. This creates a catalytic effect as each word is chosen and
hence the brain remains active and involved in the entire process. Advocating
Handwriting is certainly not to discourage the use of the typewriter, but it is
to bring forth the fact that due to the involvement of the subconscious brain
during the process of writing the creativity improves several folds. This
finding is also supported by eminent Novelists who do not hesitate to admit,
that they have always been more creative while drafting their contents by hand
as compared to when they used the keyboard.


Moreover, the handwriting is very personal. The fact is that no
two people can write the same way. It is like a fingerprint, absolutely
individual. Experts believe that although the keyboard enhances the speed of
writing, handwriting is more personal and creative; the texts written by hand
are retained for longer in memory and can be recalled.


Handwriting also improves the word power by retaining the words
written by hand and thus enhancing the vocabulary. This over a period adds
value to the quality of communication.

A handwritten note when passed on to someone always reflects a
great deal of personal touch.

Although handwriting may have lost in terms of the writing speed
to modern gadgets, it certainly has not lost its relevance because of the added
benefits as discussed above.


If you have lost interest in taking handwritten notes or are not
satisfied with the quality of your handwriting, or if this is the situation
with some students, it is time to take a corrective decision. The best would be
to contact a Handwriting Expert and go in for a short stint for Handwriting
training. This is important because handwriting will add to your ability to
think, be creative and improve the quality of all communication. This certainly
cannot be achieved by using a keyboard.


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