Craft Your Handwriting Skills In This Keyboard Era!!!


Some people think that the advent of technology means the demise of handwriting and all that is connected to it. Those who belong to this school of thought believe that the keyboard is more than sufficient for everything related to writing. There are parents today who do not even bother to teach their children handwriting skills for the same reason pointed out above. Not a few people see handwriting as archaic and outdated, and they think the level of technology present today is just all that is needed. 

Even you may quickly agree with this view and regard handwriting as unimportant at best or irrelevant at worst. If you believe so, then you are not on the same page with experts who are raising an alarm that writing is far more critical than we think. Researchers are even of the opinion that writing has its benefits to our overall health and mental status. 

Science Supports Handwriting

Writing has been linked to our minds and the way we feel, and this can be traced to the effect it has on our brains during those early years of taking writing lessons. There is an increasing rack of evidence that is pointing to a connection between healthy minds and the ability to write correctly by hand. 

In 2016, scientists revealed interesting links between speech and writing in association with attention. They also touched on other skills in kids that are equally linked to these cognitive features. This is just one of many reasons as to why handwriting is still valuable. It has been well established that the earlier a kid becomes an expert in handwriting, the better they are going to get in their academic performance. 

Handwriting and the Brain

Time and again, scientists have shown a clear relationship between handwriting and a positive impact on academic performance and the self-esteem of the pupil. Handwriting directly influences the development of the brain, and this is particularly true of the regions that govern the skills of literacy and language. So, as you can see, there are several reasons as to why you need to craft your handwriting skills and not discard them as useless. 

Whenever we write, there is a way the brain reacts against when we are just pressing buttons on the keyboard. Research has shown that handwriting has positive effects on memory. People have higher retention when expressing their ideas or working on their concepts via handwriting as against just typing it out. 

Link between Memory and Writing

Handwriting by nature means you need to imprint letters of the alphabet on paper, and this means your eyes and fingertips are involved in the expression. This promotes retention of memory, thereby improving the coordination of the muscles of the upper limb and the eyes. 

Arts and Handwriting

The pen is still mightier than the sword, and handwriting is still very far from going extinct. Handwriting is also of benefit to people with excellent artistic skills or those who have laden skills of creativity; they can unleash their gifts just by writing. Another reason you need to work on your handwriting skills is that they denote your uniqueness. There is no other person on the planet who has your exact pattern of writing. With writing, you can also convey your emotional state and can express yourself in ways that are impossible by just typing via keyboard or pressing the touchscreen. 

Summing Up!

Some messages cannot be conveyed in a better way than writing. Imagine you have to choose between an electronic mail or a well-crafted, handwritten letter from your loved one as a birthday present. Which one are you going to for? Yes, exactly, you will not think twice before choosing the letter that was written by hand. This is because there is some special effect that comes with the personality of the person doing the writing. 

Technology, of course, is massively useful and advantageous for us in so many ways. But some things will always remain helpful no matter the level of sophistication that technology offers us. One of such things is handwriting, as long as humans have hands, this is one skill that will never vanish into oblivion.

For the better future of your child, you can opt for Handwriting Improvement classes available at Write Right, which trains your child to imbibe a style in his/her handwriting. Write Right has also developed an exclusive series of curriculum Books for Handwriting development of School Students right from Nursery to 6th standard onward. Calligraphy is an another option which can style your child’s writing abilities. Its time to craft your child’s handwriting skills in this keyboard era, because it was and shall always remain relevant!

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