Students With Illegible Handwriting Score Lesser In Exams


Researches from top universities state that those with poor handwriting struggle in their academics. It requires more brain power to be able to put down words on a paper. This is directly proportional to the ability to present thoughts, come up with innovative ideas and choose the correct vocabulary while speaking and writing.

Another predominating fact highlighted by the Warwick University is that that boys tend to have poorer handwriting than that of girls.

How do teachers respond to poor handwriting?

Through several years of experience in the field of handwriting, Write Right has discovered (after discussing with thousands of teachers) that knowingly or unknowingly teachers are likely to evaluated answer sheets being biased. Answer sheets which are hard to decipher involve larger efforts and time. Moreover, words or sentences can be misunderstood affecting the loss of marks in one or more questions. Teachers may overlook or give up or poorly written papers and for this reason such answer sheets receive low scores and grades.

What is the solution to score more with good handwriting?

To counter the handwriting problems that affect your grades, seek advices from handwriting experts. Pay attention to writing legibly and get handwriting tips from the best minds of the industry. Learn penmanship and get rated higher grades by teachers.

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