Creative Writing Requires A 'Pen'


Creative Writing, as the name suggests is an ability to present and express thoughts in a way that is different from the regular writing practiced by people. It is rather a skill that brings out an artist from within. Creative writing is not everybody’s cup of tea as it promotes effectively blending the knowledge, the thoughts and the ability to write and consequently produce a reading piece that is remarkable.


Every novel we read, or even those articles in our favorite magazines, the many website pages which we surf each day, are all a result of creative writing.


How do you think creative writing becomes possible?


Try to revisit your school days. All I recall being a student is that my first lessons were written down in notebooks. In fact piles of handwritten notes year after year, for every subject got accumulated and this is how we studied. May be (not being sure about everyone), we would still find our comfort zone writing stuff that strikes our mind with the help of pen and paper instead of typing the same on a computer screen.


The mechanics involved behind typing and keyboarding can never deliver the same effect as it does when writing in hand. Creative writing is a business that happens in splits and not in prolonged durations. If I have to write something that has just gone through my mind, I shouldn’t be switching on my machine and then typing it later on particular software. But, I would just open a page of my notebook and jot down whatever strikes. Certainly all these shots of writing can thenbe typed and edited over a computer later on.


Creative writing happens when we initially put all the personal ideas on paper. The process starts the day we start our education. A handwritten page is full of rewritten words, scratches, arrows pointing the right positioning of sentences and even scribbling. This is how we deliver (for others to read) or read (from other sources) the outcome in its final stage. And so it justifies the statement that, “to write, and to write creatively, we need a pen.”  


My opinion can be well substantiated with the fact that the ‘Mahagranths’ or epics like Mahabharat by Rishi Vyas, Ramayana by Valmiki, Geetanjali by Rabindranath Tagore, Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, Tale of two cities, Oliver Twist and David Copperfield by Charles Dickens  etc. were all written and not typed. And the writers today are nowhere to reach closer to the legendary writers of that era. May be the ‘missing pen’ has something to do with it…


This article nowhere debates about the preference or the superiority of means and sources for practicing creative writing. It represents just a personal thought. Creative writing is all about choosing the tool that best suits the writer’s convenience.


Share your views about the same with us.


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