The Misconception About Graphology


‘Graphology’ is made up of two words ‘Grapho + logy’, where ‘Grapho’ is about graphics, lines, letters or words and ‘logy’ means the study of words. I fail to understand why in the world people confuse it with Astrology. Words written by hand can only depict the status when they are written, but nothing about the past or future. So let us discuss in brief what ‘Graphology’ exactly is!

According to the handwriting analysts or graphologists, an individual’s nature or rather personality can be known with his/her handwriting. With the popularity of graphology i.e. handwriting analysis, has also come a major misconception about the same. Graphology is many times misconceived to be “astrology”.

Graphology is NOT Astrology

Astrology is a tool which tells something about an individual’s future or past life or destiny. Some of the commonly known methods are tarot card reading, palm reading and more such fortune telling practices.

Graphology on the other hand is a rare knack of analyzing an individual’s personality traits through handwritten scripts in any language. Graphologists study and analyze the handwritten contents as on that day and at that particular time.  

Astrology and Graphology are nowhere related. They are probably like the north and south poles. Graphology cannot predict future, neither can it tells anybody’s fortune or life incidents. It is only and only about studying a handwriting with a focus on the formations like loops, slants, spaces, pressure etc. as written in that time. The graphology results may vary. For example- the handwriting of a same individual can reflect different characteristics at an age of 8 years and 18 years. Even handwriting of the same person during the day and night may show difference in the graphology results.

We must know that handwriting changes with the passage of time. It may also vary according to the mood fluctuations i.e. it may be different when a person is happy, sad or in pressure. This makes it clear to us that graphology is an answer to any question related to person, personality, behavior, mood swings etc.

To deviate a bit from the subject, listed here are some of the properties of graphology that will help you understand it more clearly:

·         No two people have similar writing and therefore the graphology report is unique for every individual

·         It is totally based on the writing, irrespective of the gender bias or discriminations like age and religion etc.

·         There are no chances of manipulation or fluctuation in the result as it is based on the written substance

I now hope that those reading this article have a thorough idea of Graphology and how it is different from Astrology.

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