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Write Right, an institute of Handwriting technology proudly announces the launch of its all new Speed Reading course to be offered to students’. The scientific research on the latest needs of students has lead our cracker-jack team of subject experts has structured a course for speed reading. The training sessions provide buoyant and relaxing environment that is stimulant for learning. This course promises to double or more the reading speed of individuals in just 10 days.


What is Speed Reading?


Speed reading is the ability to read much more content in less time, without skipping words and comprehending whatever is read. Being a speed reader, an individual can cut his/her reading time by half or more and utilize the same to be spent of other knowledgeable resources.


* Speed Reading = Improved grades + Additional time for play


Speed reading is an efficient source of engaging the brain, eyes, ears and mouth. In normal reading, these senses may be involved in more than one activity simultaneously, while in speed reading there aren’t any distractions. This is because the individual uses all the senses and brain power to the fullest.


When can one know if they are speed readers?


An individual is a speed reader if:

·         He/she can read a group or words i.e. several words in a single glance

·         He/she can effectively expand their vision to read and understand more words in one glance

·         He/she can expand their vision span, both horizontally and vertically to read the contents of the page


Usually not many people are speed readers, but they can become one with proper training and guidance.


The Major Barrier to Speed Reading


·         Vocalization and Sub-vocalization

When one read one word after the other slowly and say it out aloud, or practice the same in his/her mind, then this process is called vocalization or sub-vocalization respectively. It is a major throwback to reading in speed. One must necessarily abandon practicing this habit.


Being able to not vocalize and sub-vocalize is a ‘skill’.


Effects of Speed Reading


·         Reading large information at once

·         Strengthens comprehension abilities

·         Improves focus and concentration

·         Develops memory retention

·         And obviously … increased speed


Speed Reading is a skill and anyone can master it, provided it is practiced. Speed reading course at Write Right is more fun than merely a practice. With the guidance of experts and implementation of their instructions, even you can be a speed reader.


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