Handwriting Lab: Educating Handwriting


Write Right, an Institute of handwriting technology is incorporating in the people, the importance of good handwriting skills since over 16 years. The company has successfully served over 5, 00,000 students by far. Now, to make handwriting ‘viral’, Write Right has come up with introducing its first ever ‘Handwriting Lab’ for “educating handwriting” to school students.


What is “Handwriting Lab”?


Handwriting Lab is a place where students will be exposed to the importance of handwriting. Here, children will be provided training on how they can make handwriting legible and add speed to it. Handwriting Lab is operated in the school premises. This provides ease and convenience for students to attend. It is open for students of any age group who wish to improve their handwriting, learn to write in speed or learn creative writing forms through calligraphy. The students are trained by company certified trainer to ensure guaranteed results.


Need of Handwriting Lab 


Cited under are some points that will help us analyze the need of Handwriting Lab:


·         One to one training rather than classroom training

·         Personal attention to bring out phenomenal results

·         Training based on scientific and proven methods

·         Legible handwriting helps score extra marks

·         Results guaranteed in short span of time

·         Improved grades in academics and elsewhere, boosts confidence

·         Development of more knowledgeable and creative individuals


Who can setup their own Handwriting Lab?


The school or pre-school owners and other educational institutes, who already possess the required infrastructure to conduct classes, can setup the Handwriting Lab for training the students. The good news is that no additional infrastructure, no franchise fee and no agreement fee is required for the setup. Also, there aren’t any hidden charges involved.


Handwriting Lab: The Concept


Anyone who owns a school or a pre-school can setup Handwriting Lab in their school premises after the school timings are over. By this means, the infrastructure can be utilized for training students for improving their handwriting skills. This will offer added income to the school owners and will also allow them to utilize their resources better.


How does it work?


A well-trained, certified trainer is appointed in the school for training the children on handwriting. The expenses incurred for training the trainer will be borne by Write Right. Study material for every course will be supplied to the students for efficient practice and learning.  Our only requirement is that there should be a separate study area for conducting Handwriting classes (3 hours per day), which can accommodate up to 20 students.


Write Right, the largest chain of handwriting institutes, works on improving the handwriting skills of individuals of any age. It teaches the true art of penmanship through courses like handwriting improvement, speed writing and calligraphy.

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