Calligraphy As An Art And An Asset


Calligraphy is an art of making handwriting (signs, symbols, letters etc.) visually attractive. This form of writing is related to expressing thoughts with harmony, beauty and creativity. It is a transmission of usual lettering into graceful and elegant handwriting.


As we have already stated that calligraphy is an art, we also stress on the fact that an art is not a fixed format of something that has to be strictly followed. Rather it is something that is derived out of a feeling, emotion, perception, aesthetic value or creative instinct.


The calligraphic art is said to have emerged in the Rome somewhere around 600 BC, which have later been advanced and structured as per the changing trends and requirements during the Medieval Ages. It has evolved and transformed mostly during the 10th Century to present. It was done with instrument having broad bases such as brushes, to get the appropriate texture.


In the modern days, creation of calligraphy fonts is no more limited to brushes. Today, calligraphists use pens with different sizes of nibs, wooden blocks, sticks (ice cream sticks) etc.


More than just the art, calligraphy is an asset to the one who knows this form of writing. Lets us highlight “How?”


·         - Calligraphy is an artistic illustration which can be made use for logo designing, crafting greeting card, invitations, business cards and certificates etc.

·         - It develops creativity by enhancing skills like innovativeness, thoughtfulness and imagination

·         - It increases inner stability and helps to be patient or calm in stressful situations

·         - It increases concentration as creating calligraphic signs requires complete physical, mental involvement and these conscious efforts can be implemented in studies, work place and elsewhere

·         - Calligraphy gives an impression that one is organized and focused

·         - Calligraphy preserves the ancient art (Arabic, Islamic, Chinese, Asian forms etc.) as this can still be seen on historic documents, sculptures, relics and monuments


Therefore, learning calligraphy and the art of penmanship in this century is an asset that gives you an additional quality that everyone else would not have. Though learning calligraphy is not that easy, still with the help of proper guidance and training the art can easily be learned and implemented into writing.


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