Art Of Taking Short Notes In Class (lectures)


Taking notes in a classroom is extremely important, but at the same time it can be quite tedious. Not everyone is good at taking notes during a class or a lecture. And if that is the case, one should necessarily learn the art of taking notes, rather short notes in a classroom.


How to take short notes?


Consider the following pointers to effectively take notes in a classroom without missing the highlights of the lesson.


·         Jot down the most important points

While the lecture is on, it may not be feasible to note each and every word that is being explained to you. But, what is necessary is you take all the points that carry importance. Of course the right sequence (or the hierarchy) of the topic has to be maintained at any time.


·         Write in a way that elaboration becomes easy

Once you have noted all the points, make sure that they carry enough value so as to be elaborated in detail on the subject of study. Unless it can be clearly explained to others (or to oneself), in detail, it may not be considered valuable for learning.


·         Give it your own essence

Any individual takes notes to be able to refer them in future. Your notes should be such that they are well understood to yourself and are suitable to simplify your learning experience. Do not try to imitate others and write in a way that is friendly to you.


What will be most beneficial while taking the notes in a class? It is the speed with which one writes…


Can speed writing help?


Yes! Speed writing is immensely beneficial to take down short notes. A student should essentially be a good listener to be able to write in speed. Also, the content written should be such that it can be expanded for later use. This obviously requires a good memory too. Speed writing courses trains students’ to imbibe all of the above mentioned qualities.


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