7 Tips On Maximizing Returns From Online And Offline Marketing Budget


It hasn’t been very long when offline marketing had monopoly and there weren’t more options for promoting business. With the advent of online marketing, being lucrative and having a larger reach, the business world has experienced a revolution in the patterns of promotion.


Business professionals, to add into their basket of success should uphold a balance in their expenditure on online and offline marketing, choosing what is more ingenious. Cited are 7 tips that can help any business personnel to competently use their budget and add to their ROI (Return on Investment).


1.      Comprehend your audience

Even before you initiate a business or promote it, it is vital that you know ‘who’ your audience is. Unless you understand ‘where’ to target, all your marketing efforts will land in void.


2.      Don’t be judgmental

You cannot ignore the importance of either of the marketing means. As a business professional, know that there are people who can be reached each through the traditional (offline) and modern (online) marketing channels. So believing that one of these is more productive, is incorrect.


3.      Build a personal network

Use and build in-person connections. Your personal network is the most effective means of promotion as word of mouth publicity, either over online or offline platform is irrevocable. Moreover, it is absolutely free.


4.      Consider both digital and physical systems

When today you find a large number of users accessible over internet, there is a large crowd that still holds magazines and newspapers. Segregate your customers rightly to plan the marketing expenses so as to crack the deals.


5.      Blend online and offline stratagems

It is tedious to plan a strategy that focuses on striking online and offline users, but if structured well, can help maximize sales and increase productivity. Explore online market to ensure offline accomplishments.


6.      Promote URLs where ever possible

Driving traffic on your website is crucial. What so ever is the mode of advertisement, never forget to ask your customer to visit your URL. In print advertisements, brochures, television commercials or emails, do highlight your URL to direct prospects on your website.


7.      Communicate “what’s inside”

The purpose of promotion should be clear enough to drop a line to your audience, no matter which means you opt. Always remember to offer value to customers, else all tactics and expenses incurred shall slop.


Marketing is vital and needs skillful planning of resources and balance in the expenditure. Whichever, online or offline, marketing is a cost and the way you maneuver decides what your returns are.


These tips are applicable whether you start a new business or diversify your existing one. Moreover, when you choose to step into a franchise business like that of Write Right, you ought to get complete information from the franchisor on opportunities while marketing online or offline. It is important that there is an adequate balance between online and offline marketing.


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