Developing Writing Habits In Children


Every individual has a set of good and bad habits. It depends on him/her which ones to develop. For children, the good habits that add to their knowledge should be developed. One such habit is that of writing. It has some invaluable benefits which make an individual presentable, confident and identifiable.


Benefits of Writing

·         Helps in developing a better self expression both in writing and speaking

·         Retain memory for a longer duration

·         Attracts attention of others

·         Gives liberty to put uninterrupted thoughts into words.


How to develop writing habits?


We shall discuss on developing writing habits majorly at school and at home, two of them being the temple of learning for kids.


·         At School

§ Note Taking

As parents, you should regularly keep a check on whether the child takes proper notes in his/her classroom. Taking notes of what is being taught in the class ensures that the child learns and retains the lessons. So, it is advisable to encourage your child to make notes that will lead him to academic success.


§ Writing Speed

When a teacher dictates the notes, or when a child writes his examination, speed becomes the deciding factor of the student’s success. Therefore, work on increasing your child’s writing speed, but remember that it should not affect the legibility of handwriting. If necessary, seek advice from an expert for thorough guidance.


§ Participation in competitions

Participation in competitions like essay writing, story writing etc. promotes the habit of writing in kids and also tempts them to achieve certificate of acknowledgement through these activities.


·         At Home

§ Completion of homework

Keep an eye if the child successfully completes the homework that is given for every subject. Homework usually involves the child’s written efforts and so enhances his/her writing habits.


§ Reading books or newspapers and summarizing the contents read

Reading offers a bundle of knowledge. When you ask your child to read newspapers or books and sum up the contents in writing, you encourage your child to develop both reading and writing skills. It enhances their learning process, vocabulary and language.


§ Give your child written instructions

Sometimes verbal communication becomes difficult or does not provide the essence of the message. At such situations, written instructions can solve a great purpose to bridge the communication gap. Also, seek for written messages from their end. This trains the brain to read between the lines.


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