Why Should We Read More?


Reading is quite tedious a task for some students. But, reading plays an integral role in all the knowledge we acquire. It has varied advantages in a student’s life which are impossible to overlook. Mentioned under are few impacts of effective reading among students:


·         Adds to the enriched vocabulary

Continuous reading habits among kids always help them discover new information that is productive. Not only does this process helps gather a lot of quantitative data, but also adds to their vocabulary to make their communication (written and verbal) extremely effective.


·         Makes an individual imaginative and thoughtful

Reading acts like a spark to creative thinking and innovativeness within an individual. It encourages one’s imaginations and helps visualize, characterize and relate to situations easily. It indirectly helps in enhanced functioning of brain.


·         Leads to academic excellence

Reading is the best and most appropriate means of learning. It develops their aptitude and intellect and thus it holds a vital place in the education system.


·         Aids in skilled writing

Those who are good at reading are often well versed with writing too. Reading develops a perfect sense to make use of right words while forming sentences, writing essays, descriptive questions etc.


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