Why Cursive Handwriting Is Losing Its Fan Following?


We all might be aware about the fact that many countries like US, UK, Canada etc. have been promoting print style and have discarded cursive from the school curriculum. Have you wondered why? Let us discuss the probable reasons behind this.


·         Technological Advancements: The world is digitized. One cannot imagine his/her life without computers, mobiles and tablets. As a result, use of pen and paper for note taking or other purposes have taken a back seat.

·         Lot of printed material: We rarely see any documents been prepared or maintained in writing. Even the assignments in schools have been accepted in print format. The study material is available in plenty over the internet platform which minimizes the need to maintain personal notes.

·         Ease and convenience: With all the resources available in print, it becomes more adaptable, identifiable and readable for individuals.


But, can we ignore the importance of cursive?


Though print style is encouraged more these days, still cursive style has its own advantages. Some of the reasons why cursive should be learnt are:

·         Makes learning alphabets, spellings and language more effective

·         Helps put thoughts on paper smoothly

·         Develops a sense of proper spacing and sizing of letters

·         Manages the control systems like movement, pressure etc.


In conclusion, each style of writing has its own significance and so none can take over the benefits of other. Essential is not to ignore the importance of handwriting and work on handwriting improvement if there are problems in it.


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