Difference Between Cursive And Print Styles Of Handwriting



Cursive Handwriting

Print Handwriting


It is the writing style in which letters are joined together to make a meaningful words


It is that style of handwriting in which the letters are written separately while forming a word


Cursive style has a flow that provides a comfortable and efficient method of writing.


Print style is a reflection of words or sentences when typed or printed on a paper, book etc. using a computer device


It is written in running hand. “Cursive” is derived from Latin word “currere” which means “to run”.


This style involves breaks between every letter and requires pauses in the flow of hand

Cursive is an ancient style of writing and the history of which dates back almost 2000 years


Print is a more recent adaptation owing more to the technological advancements (keyboards)

Cursive style is more adaptable in countries like India and other Asian countries, and forms an essential part of elementary curriculum


Countries like US, UK etc. encourage the print style to be included in the school syllabus


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