Skill Development Through Handwriting


Handwriting is a practice that involves activities of both the brain and the body. It has a number of benefits to be drawn and so it constitutes a significant place in the elementary education. It develops some of the very important skills in an individual. Few of these skills are discussed as under:


1.      Vision

While practicing handwriting, an individual converts his thoughts into words. These thoughts are a reflection of one’s education, understanding and knowledge. A good thinking ability develops a sound vision. An individual who has a good vision also has an added intellect, an identity among masses and increased performance in all activities (for example: studies, sports, co-curricular activities etc.)


2.      Retention

Researchers have proved that handwriting helps in understanding and remembering things for a longer period of time. Through handwriting, learning the language and subject becomes more convenient as all the information gets stored in the mind. This process is called retention of data. This retained data can then be recalled easily whenever in need (like in examinations)


3.      Communication

Handwriting is a form of written communication. An effective handwriting portrays a substantial influence on the reader. Not only this, handwriting also helps in attaining a high level fluency in verbal communication. No other method except handwriting can be as effective in increasing vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, way of writing and learning the language itself.


4.      Balance

Handwriting requires a balance between the body movements and the activities of brain. This balance is achieved by mind and motor coordination in which the brain instructs to write and the body (specifically the hands) performs the action. Handwriting is therefore also referred to as brain writing. It is believed that that what we write comes from the conscious mind and how we write comes from the subconscious mind.


5.      Emotion

Handwriting depicts the rationality of an individual. The handwriting evolves people into rational beings who are emotionally stable and can make effective decisions. These people have higher success ratios in their areas of participation.


So even between the latest gadgets and technological instruments, handwriting finds an irreplaceable position in the lives of students. It is still a major part of the curriculum and almost 70% of school assignments are still submitted and accepted in ink.


There are more such skills that can be developed and enhanced through learning good handwriting skills, that too at any age without any bias.



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