4 Pros Of Writing With Hand!


Handwriting has been losing its importance since the influence of technology is over-powering people. The traditional means of written communication i.e. handwriting, has been fading away. But there are facts that which proves that handwriting has some illuminating effects on ones personality.


Discussed below are the 4 benefits of writing with hand.


1.      Helps in learning the language


It is well known that the one who writes and communicates have a better command over the language. He/she is able to understand better, express themselves better and automatically becomes better even in verbal and internet communication etc.


2.      Adds to the Vocabulary


In people who are in a regular habit of writing using pen and paper, it has been observed that they develop an ability to retain new words and enrich their vocabulary. They are never out of words while expressing their thoughts and so it portrays their intellect among the general people.


3.      Improves Communication


Many people are not confident about the right message being delivered through their communication. One of the major reasons is that they have a poor understanding of the language and that too with a limited vocabulary. This can be sorted out by developing writing skills at an early age. This will certainly enhance their communication abilities latter.


4.      It helps in remembering better


You might have noticed students and professionals jotting down things either to understand the lesson or to prepare a to-do list for future. Why do they do this? Because, experts say that when people write on paper, they are also imprinting the same in their brain. It is because of this one can remember things giving NO credibility to forgetfulness.


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Being an enthusiast in creative writing, I always look forward to deliver good and informative content to my readers. I am Isha Sharma and I work for Write Right as a Content Developer.

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