How parent can help children with writing?


Ways a Parent can help children with writing

1.       Keep the child away from computer

This means encourage them to write with hand and not just make use of keywords to prepare notes or to study.


2.       Involve them into games and puzzles

Engage your kid into games that require the coordination of hand and eye to perform the right actions of writing.


3.       Strengthen their hand muscles

Let them cook, knead dough etc. This will make their hands and palm movements strong while would make handwriting practice easy.


4.       Develop their motor skills

Make your children draw more, cut and fold papers. This will enhance their motor skills that are vital while writing with hand.


5.       Work on the coordination between mind and body

Encourage them to tie their shoe laces, button up the shirts and tie knots by themselves. This improves their consciousness, thus helping in effective writing.


6.       Focus on the physical aspects

Check your child to make him sit in the right posture, hold the pen (or pencil) correctly and position the paper correctly.

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