Strengthening Hand Muscles For Good Handwriting


Handwriting is an activity that requires precise hand movements. The hand movements are based on the efficiency of an individual’s motor skills. This means that both your hand and arm muscles should be strong enough to write continuously for at least a few minutes.


It is highly dependent of how you hold the pen/pencil or how you move your hands while writing. Sometimes writing is a stress as people are not aware about the right methods they should adopt while practicing handwriting. One important consideration is that the hand muscles remain healthy.


How to strengthen the hand muscles?


Mentioned under are the ways that will help you do so:

·         Squeeze a soft ball for strengthening the grip of palms

·         Practice pinching soft material like sponge etc. to strengthen the muscles of thumbs and fingers

·         Play with sand, dough or clay

·         Crumple or tear paper and roll them into paper balls

·         Twist and stretch the hands and fingers in regular intervals

·         Exercise the hands with dumbbells etc.


These activities will help you achieve stronger muscles of hands and fingers.


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