5 Ways Of Making Handwriting Legible!


As we all know, when a child first goes to school, it is taught “how to write”. This is when the basic education of the child starts. Latter as the child grows, handwriting takes the back-seat in the child’s mind and his focus gets diverted towards completing the syllabus. Not only should the child know how to write when he is a kid, but should know how to write well even when he is grown up.


Listed are the 5 ways on how handwriting improvement can be done effectively so that it becomes legible; and this can be achieved at any age, only condition applied is a conscious self-effort and a suitable guide.


1.      Each letter has a particular size and shape. Some letters can be divided into 2 or 3 parts i.e. upper, middle and lower zones. If these zones are maintained while writing, then it automatically becomes readable.


2.      There should be uniformity in the writing pattern/style. For example, if one writes in cursive, he/she should follow it throughout without mixing it with other styles like print, italics etc. If there is consistency in the style the whole handwriting becomes legible and admirable.


3.      There should be proper space between the letters. If the spacing is irregular, it tends to overlap and the letters lose their individuality. Also, it sometimes distorts the meaning of the message to be delivered. So, the space between letters should necessarily be given due importance.


4.      Different people have different handwriting. Some people write in slants (left or right). But, if the right slant is less than 75 degrees from the base, there is always less space available to write the next letter, thus affecting the legibility by distorting the identity of letters. Similarly in case of left slants, if it is beyond 115 degrees, the letters seem to be falling and overlapping each other, affecting the readability. Therefore, slants should be such that it does not make the handwriting illegible.


5.      It is very important how the letters are created. There are a few basic letters like. c, l, n, u etc. which if learnt properly, then the creation of other letters which are formed with the help of these basic letters (e.g. a, d, e, b, k, m, w etc.) will become easier.


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