Prerequisites To Good Handwriting


Everybody wishes to learn penmanship and have a good handwriting. But there are a few prerequisites to attain a good handwriting. Most influencing factor is the Mind and Motor coordination. It is a result of kinesthetic forces from the mind that instructs the hand to write.


So, how to have an effective Mind and Motor coordination?


There are a few fundamental requirements for obtaining a good Mind and Motor coordination.


1.      Physical Aspects:

·         There should be a good balance in the posture while you sit and write

·         The shoulder, neck and head should be straight to avoid stress

·         The back should be stiff and supported by the chair

·         There should be enough space around to ensure right movements of hand and body

·         The distance between the table and yourself, paper and the eyes and between both the hands (separation of elbows) should be proper


2.      Physiological Aspects:

·         Regular practice of reading will help develop better thoughts

·         Expressing thoughts verbally will be an icing on the cake, especially for extroverts


3.      Mechanical Aspects:

·         The thumb and fingers should be at the right place to hold a good grip while writing

·         Regular practice of writing should be done right from young age to help convert thoughts into words


By considering the above mentioned points, one can achieve a good handwriting, of course along with practicing handwriting improvement tips provided by handwriting experts. Write Right guarantees 100% improvement in anybody’s handwriting in just 7 days.


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