Importance of Handwriting

When anybody writes, it is just not the use of a pen and pencil on a paper, but it is a process that involves coordination between the mind and motor actions of the brain. The brain conceives a thought and directs hands and fingers to reproduce these thoughts in the form of words or sentences, with the help of a writing instrument on a writing object.

We can draw an inference from the above statement that the reverse process is also true. That is to say, if one has good handwriting skills, it has invariably been observed that he/she also has a better thought process.

The above statement can also be substantiated from the fact that the top 10 students of any classroom usually have highly developed writing skills.

Handwritten communication being the most primitive media of expressing oneself has been proved to be an effective process of learning a language in terms of correct spellings, massive vocabulary, and exquisite communication abilities, both through written and verbal forms.

The fact is that we are living in a high-tech era. The pen seems to be replaced by the thumb, touch screens, and keyboards. But, the fact continues to remain that you need to be familiar with every letter and word to reproduce thoughts through typing. And this can only be best learned by using a pencil or pen during the school days.

Handwritten Communication- The Advantages

Writing is not just a physical activity done through fingers, but it involves the brain that thinks, converts the thoughts into words, gives a command to the hands for the motor action and the final output is a readable product on the paper. It is rightly said that writing is also 'Brain Writing'. MRI scans and subsequent studies by medical experts have proved that during the process of writing with hand, activates the neurons. The portion of the brain majorly activated is the one that is involved in learning words, spellings, creative thinking, etc. This goes on to prove that Handwriting helps in the process of development of the coordination between mind and motor.
It has been established beyond doubt that good writing skills are the building block to learning. Various studies have proved that handwriting not only develops the mind and motor coordination but helps in learning letters and shapes, improving idea composition and expressions. This helps children in achieving goals throughout life. Handwriting identifies the sub-conscious and conscious traits of an individual's personality. If a child struggles with handwriting, the ability to express one-self also suffers.
In a set of experiments conducted on various groups, where certain instructions were given. The group which memorized words through writing by hand, remembered and recalled better than the group that memorized only through reading or using a keyboard. Moreover, it has been seen that students who write in speed, also think and compose better. The reverse is equally true, the ones with poor handwriting quality have impaired reading skills and poor formation of spellings due to which the marks scored by the children in examinations also gets affected.